About Memorial Satilla Specialists - Psychiatric Care

The physicians at Memorial Satilla Specialists – Psychiatric Care make patient health a priority every day. Our psychiatrists, counselors and behavioral health specialists treat a variety of common mental health conditions, of those being some of the rarest and most challenging. By utilizing both inpatient and outpatient services, we offer comprehensive mental health evaluations.

It is our mission to provide advanced psychiatric care so that you or your loved one can experience top quality treatment in a safe and caring environment. We are dedicated to helping individuals suffering from behavioral, mental and emotional conditions.

Our team specializes in:

  • Cognitive disorders, behavioral management of all types of Dementia (Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body)
  • Mood disorders, including major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Psychotic disorders, including Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective disorder
  • Personality disorders, including borderline personality disorder
  • Addictive disorders, including outpatient comprehensive assessments and after care (excluding detoxification treatment)

Scheduling an appointment

Appointments with Memorial Satilla Specialists – Psychiatric Care are scheduled through a referral process. A patient's primary care physician can call our office at (912) 480-0078 for referral.